Submerge yourself in the beautiful Costa Rica, accompanied by a subtle coffee flavour, bathing in the splendour of the rainforest

25 march, 2018

From 25 to 31 March we are once again exploring new horizons. This time our destination is the overwhelmingly beautiful Costa Rica. For a whole week we will submerge ourselves in the country of eternal spring with a trip to the rainforest, gastronomic and molecular discoveries, a visit to the Poás Volcano National Park and a number of coffee plantations. Costa Rica will undoubtedly be an unforgettable Dolce experience and as it is befitting for Dolce Travel, everything is planned down to the last detail. Culinary local conviviality is once again the leitmotif throughout this trip.  


Day 1 – Sunday 25 March

-Arrival and transfer to Studio Hotel (5*) in San José. This boutique hotel with its unique style is a veritable ode to Costa Rican art.


-6 pm

Wine tasting and art tour


-8 pm



Day 2 – Monday 26 March

-Rainforest adventures with a walk among the treetops


-Lunch in the rainforest


-Drive back to the hotel


-Dinner in restaurant Vino Mundo where we will meet chef Rodrigo Salazar and his surprising molecular techniques 


Day 3 – Tuesday 27 March


Visit to the Poás Volcano National Park with the impressive Poás vulcano. Apparently the crater of the Poás vulcano is considered the largest active crater in the world. Sulphur fumes rise from its sides. Truly breathtaking.


-Lunch at the Doka Estate coffee plantation in La Cajuela Restaurant



Visit to the Doka Estate coffee plantation where you will be given an introduction into the world of coffee, from bean to cup. Doka Estate is one of Costa Rica’s most quality coffees which is grown on the flanks of the Poás volcano.


-Accommodation at El Silencio Lodge & Spa, an environmentally friendly luxury hotel located in the lush valleys surrounding the volcano.


 -Dinner in the hotel Las Ventanas Restaurant with 100% local ingredients


Day 4 – Wednesday 28 March

-Visit to Arenal Volcano National Park with its incredible ‘cone-shaped’ volcano


-Lunch at the local restaurant La Choza de Laurel in La Fortuna


- Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Waters

This natural spa offers an unforgettable moment of relaxation. An excellent opportunity to enjoy some rest and take in the splendid nature.


-Dinner at Ave del Paraíso Restaurant, located on the Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Waters domain. The restaurant offers a breathtaking view on the lush green gardens and waterfall.


-Accommodation at El Silencio Lodge & Spa


Day 5 – Thursday  29 March


Enjoy some free time or go with us to plant a tree


-Lunch in Las Ventanas Restaurant


-Depart to the next destination


-Accommodation in Naranjo, an area which is known for its coffee production. We stay at Chayote Lodge where we experience sleeping in a ‘Recibidor’


Day 6 – Friday 30 March


Coffee experience in an authentic ‘finca’. Our first stop on the Don Ricardo Coffee Tour shows us exactly why this black gold has conquered the whole world. We are introduced into the wondrous world of coffee, from bean to cup. We learn all about the process of coffee cupping, or tasting coffee. Cupping can be seen as an art or as a science. One thing is sure, it is the main tool of the coffee roaster.


-Lunch at Chayote Lodge



Free time


-Last dinner at Quelites Restaurant


Day 7 – Saturday 31 March

-Lunch at San José, nearby the airport at El Rodeo Restaurant






-Single room: 4804 €

-Double room: 3985 €


This price does not include return flights. You have to book your own flights. Dolce retains the right to change the programme in order to offer its participants as optimum an experience as possible. 


For more information: or 0474/54 04 66


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