Make coffee like during the war

22 april, 2014

1. Place the filter paper in your filter.

2. Rinse the filter paper thoroughly with warm water [this is to rinse away any taste of paper from the filter and also to preheat your cup/mug/jug] and place medium ground coffee in the filter holder.

3. Empty the warm water from your mug/cup/jug.

4. Pour a small amount of warm water [90 to 920] onto the coffee to generate the infusion [the ‘blooming technique’]. [Wait for 25–30 seconds.]

5. Pour the rest of the water over the coff ee using a circular motion.

6. The filtering time should be around 3 minutes. [You can grind your coffee more coarsely or finely if necessary.]

7. Your coffee is ready to serve.

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