Relais & Château makes 20 commitments

18 december, 2014

Our world knows a lot of differences between people and cultures. But all of them have two important and timeless traditions in common: cuisine and hospitality. Those are different in each culture but they all contribute to happiness and fellowship.

Last decades artisan production has decreased a lot, industrial production has grown as never before. So Relais & Château committed themselves to go some kind of back to basics and strive to work with true artisans and with original products from local farmers and fishermen. They engage themselves to maintain the rich cultural history of cuisine and hospitality around the world with respect for all traditions. Preserving the rich traditions is also a goal so the future generations also know their richness. One of their aims is also to train young people to make them real artisans. The relationship with local suppliers, communities and the government is also important to create a healthy environment.

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