Dolce Grillardeurs 2023

03 april, 2023

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Dolce's Grillardeurs Trophy is a unique barbecue and outdoor cooking competition for chefs. Unique because we work according to the Black Box principle: one box with the ingredients, one competition day, a top location, 4 dishes, a jury of star chefs.

Organized by Dolce World, this special networking event combines a cooking competition with a food in style touch. The competition is built around the Black Box BBQ principle: a box with secret ingredients with which 4 culinary barbecue dishes must be created. We only work with wood and charcoal barbecue and grill devices. Each barbecue team consists of at least 3 team members and the team captain is preferably someone from the hospitality food and drink world.
This trophy is 'one of a kind', partly due to the unique competition elements, the location and the culinary and gastronomic output.

The location for the Dolce's Grillardeurs Trophy was specially selected because of the location this year Café Coureur, Houffalize....unique setting privatized!!!. You can spend the night at Cafe Coureur. There are 1,2,4 and 6 person rooms and studios. Ask about the special promo prices for this event!!!!! 0476.26.57.90 or email
There are also other options in the area such as hotels and gites. We'll set you free... Extensive dining or fraternization is possible at Cafe Coureur with restaurant and cozy bar and chat cafe

Chefs, professional barbecue teams, catering employees, gastronomes, foodies or those who love outdoor cooking, barbecuing, grilling, fire...

Arrival in the afternoon from 2 pm, tour and installation
6:00 pm Presentation content Black Box
20:00 Evening meal free flow
Evening Possibility to start and/or stay on site and/or visit Houffalize and/or Dinner in the group offered by the organization

07:07 “Whiskey Shot”
07:30 - 09:00 breakfast at Café Coureur
13.30-15.45 handing in culinary barbecue dishes by maximum 2 members of the BBQ teams
13h30 appetizer
14h15 main course
3 p.m. main course
3.45 pm dessert
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm ceremony with reception and prize giving at the end of the competition day – possibility to dine on site and/or visit charming Houffalize with its many dining options. Teams can leave afterwards and/or stay on site until the next day.

TUESDAY 04 APRIL 11 am Leaving the location

Dolce Grillardeurs Trophy
A team consists of several people, at least 3, of which the captain is preferably active in the hospitality sector.
The competition is built around the Black Box BBQ principle: a box with secret ingredients from which 4 culinary barbecue dishes must be created: starter – main course – main course-dessert
4 pieces must be made of each dish: 3 for the jury and 1 for the demo table
The teams themselves provide the presentation options (boards, ...)
The main components such as fish, meat must be used mandatorily. All other components may be used without obligation.
Sunday evening at 18.00 the contents of the Black Box will be presented and, if desired, the teams can already start with the preparations.

*The organization provides
All (main) ingredients and accessories.
Space per team =+- 3.5m on 7m
Electricity connection per stand (220V with grounding, max 1500 watts)
Central water point
Waste and waste points + containers by types of waste
Parking for the teams (2 car(s) + trailer per team)
Central refrigerated truck
Sanitary facilities with hot and cold running water
Room(s) for open fire
Consumption coins with which drinks can be obtained. Additional drinks must be purchased
Dinner on Sunday evening. Breakfast, lunch and reception on Monday

* The BBQ Team provides
Own (party) tent for the BBQ competition
BBQ and kitchen material (including work tables, etc.) and presentation material for the dishes (jury and demo table) (4 in total x 4 dishes = 16 presentation material of your choice)
Lighting, extension cables, power strip
Fire extinguisher 6 kg (powder extinguisher) and fire blanket !mandatory!
Fireproof bucket
Wood and/or charcoal

*It is allowed to work with
Wood or charcoal barbecue
Open fire in the indicated room(s)
Own wood mixture for smoking, grilling, ...
Own fridge

*It is not permitted
Bring your own herbs, including salt and pepper!!!
Disco bar on the stand
Own alcoholic drinks on the stand
Oven, deep fryer or other (heating) appliances on gas and/or electricity, with the exception of a simple hand blender

* the BBQ teams respect and pay attention to
(Personal hygiene
The internal regulations of the location where you stay

 • for accommodation or if you wish to participate on Monday 3 April at the BBQ lunch "les amis de Dolce Grillardeurs" at 98 euros/pp contact or call +32(0)474.54.04.66 or for accommodation Café Driver Houffalize and ask for the special promo prices for this event!!! 

Booking Visitor

We ask you to express your interest to Jan De Kimpe:
• tel +32 0474.54.04.66

Participation price per group (maximum 6 persons) is 785 euros (VAT included) and includes all facilities as stated above, including breakfast, lunch and evening dinner and reception as outlined in the regulations. Sleeping to be provided by yourself Café Coureur with promo!!!!
For more than 6 people, please contact the organization first.

Peter is Jean Baptiste Thomaes**Michelin + another team of star chefs to be completed
*The jury are only star chefs who judge as with The World's 50 Best Restaurants. A guarantee of neutrality
The system will be based on ranking of 10 dishes that are allowed to participate in the odds and the places from 1 to 6 are indicated herein. In short, working method as with the "The World's 50 best".

In the event of questions/concerns/discussions, the Dolce Grillardeurs organization will make the final decision. The entire event will be part of a report in Dolce Digi Magazine with accompanying film

for film previous edition Dolce Grillardeurs Grillardeurs movie


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