Dolce 's petanque trophy for Chefs 2018

06 august, 2018

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Dolce’s Petanque Trophy For Chefs 2018

Tropical island hopping during ‘La Petanque des Dom-Tom…’

On Monday 6 August Dolce’s Petanque Trophy For Chefs will take you along to the warm French overseas areas of the Dom-Tom. Taste the atmosphere of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Come along with us to the rhythm of Saint Martin and La Réunion. Enjoy the Creole conviviality of Guyane and Mayotte. An event, which is not to be missed, bathing in the Creole heat from IÎle de la Réunion …

What is it?

Dolce’s Petanque Trophy For Chefs is a unique event which has no equal to compare it to. Organised by Dolce World, this pleasant networking event combines a sportive touch with a culinary approach. In 2018 all the stops will be pulled out in order to make the Dolce’s Petanque Trophy For Chefs an unforgettable day. The theme ‘La Petanque des Dom-Tom’ will ensure an exotic atmosphere to the beat of a Creole rhythm which will resound for a long time.

The petanque games are alternated with ‘Tournées Générales’ by the Dolce partners. It is the ultimate way to discover gastronomy in a playful manner. Each petanque team consists of 3 players (triplette) and the captain is always a chef. A unique event, the only one of its kind, a day full of fun and gastronomy of the highest level in an exotic atmosphere!


The location for this sportive-gastronomic event is Chalet-Suisse along the Elizabethlaan in Knokke-Heist. But this time we will be island hopping and Chalet-Suisse will be submerged in the typical convivial warmth of the Dom-Tom for the occasion.

Chefs can meet in KARRE DES DALONS for a chat in a cosy atmosphere. LE KABAR will provide us with the most surprising and exotic cocktails. At LA CASE BOURBON you’ll enjoy various stir-fried dishes, Creole barbecue, fresh salads and so much more. We’ll finish with a veritable ‘Outdoor Zouk Party’ at VILLAGE MALOYA.

Who will be there?

Chefs, hospitality employees, gastronomes, foodies or they who simply love a game of petanque laced with culinary indulgences. Especially for this occasion, Maître Rôtisseur Nicolas Rivière from IÎle de la Réunion will drop by to answer all your questions about herbs and spices in the Creole cuisine …

Patrons for this event are two exceptional chefs: Chef Frederic Deceuninck (Le Sel Gris*) from Knokke-Heist is a master in bringing joie de vivre to the table and this shows in a sublime way in his dishes. Chef René Mathieu (Château de Bourglinster*) from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a specialist in ‘vegan gastronomy’ and brings us exceptional flavours.

Mastercook of Belgium and Maître Rôtisseur Peter De Groote will pamper the guests with a particularly energetic and colourful breakfast, various ‘Tournées Générales’ and a Creole lunch and dinner.

What will the day look like?

-9.30am: Welcome at Karré des Dalons (friends’ corner in Creole) for a colourful and energetic breakfast.


-10.30am: start of the petanque games with the chefs as captains of the various teams. In between you’ll be spoilt with numerous ‘Tournées Générales’.

-1pm: Start of the lunch in La Case Bourbon (restaurant in Creole) with stir-fries, salads, mocktails and cocktails.

-6pm: Award ceremony at Le Kabar (party hall in Creole), followed by the dinner and afterwards we dance the night away at the ‘Outdoor Zouk Party’ in Village Maloya (dancing hall in Creole).

Prizes to be won?

Winning triplettes

Numerous prizes will be awarded per triplette:

-Le Creuset knives

-Collector’s item petanque ball set Obut

-Vale de Arca olive oil 

-Delifrance bakery course in Paris

-Molteni tour

And many more

Best Female player

Last year for the first time, an award was given to the lady petanque players with chef’s jacket. This year’s edition will also see the best female player be awarded with a prize.


New! Winterhalter prize dishwashers

This year, for the first time, the Winterhalter prize for dishwashers will be awarded. People doing the washing up are indispensable in the hospitality landscape and deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. Dolce partner wants to reward them with the very first Winterhalter Prize for dishwashers!

Does your dishwasher take part in the competition or are you a dishwasher yourself? Mail to

Every dishwasher in uniform will receive an extra Winterhalter prize.

Most creatively dressed Creole chef

Creativity is something that we very much like at Dolce. That is why we will also be giving an award to the most creatively dressed Creole chef.


Mastercook of Belgium and Maître Rôtisseur Peter De Groote will provide culinary treats from breakfast to dinner, without fail. The Dolce partners will let you discover their best products and at the same time the event will be copiously supplied with fabulous beers, refreshing waters, unique wines, creative smoothies and state of the art cocktails. Dolce’s Petanque Trophy For Chefs means breakfast, lunch, and dinner with adapted beverages* until 10.30pm: petanque game, breakfast, Tournées Générales, Creole lunch and extensive barbecue.

*Suggested dishes and beverages, non-suggested products can be purchased.

Who are our culinary partners?

ISPC – Sligro, Didess, Altoni, Delifrance, Viva Sara, Private Label Coffee, Kaasmeesters Callebaut & Vanhaver, Bru, Spadel, Consorzio di Parma, Kelderman, Gillemore gin, Gouden Carolus, Lightspeed, Nicolas Rivière , Vale de Arca, Horecafocus, Rational, Le creuset, Living Tomorrow, Femat , De avondschool, Knokke – Heist, Foodservice Community, Molteni, Ten Dauwe, Be delicous, Chalet Suisse, Obut, La Plage, Hilux- Hillewaert, Franke

Atmosphere and experience?

Undoubtedly a unique event in Knokke-Heist. Soak up the real atmosphere of the French Dom-Toms and be submerged in the Creole conviviality in which gastronomy and a relaxed lifestyle meet. The tropical evening party in colourful outfits and the famous ‘Zouk’ sprinkled with a Creole rhythm will entice everyone onto the dance floor.

At La Plage - bas tet, kanmm or asies in Creole - everyone can enjoy the atmosphere in peace and relax on a trendy sun lounger. Non-petanque players can come here for a free drink when they show their  Dolce Petanque Trophy 2018 wristband for that day.

How do I take part?

Booking is essential so act quickly to avoid disappointment, as the number of participants is limited!

Book you tickets now , places are limited:

-Or send a mail to or call 32 (0) 474 54 04 66

What does it cost to take part?

Chefs in chef’s jacket, hospitality employees in uniform and members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs with medals € 95

Hospitality employees not in uniform, spouses and Dolce Club Members € 110

Only the Dinner and  Outdoor Zouk party € 95

Non-hospitality € 135

Book you tickets now , places are limited:

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