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Hazelnut Crumble and New Guinea coffee (Viva Sara)

100 g ground hazelnut // 100 g brown sugar // 100 g butter // 100 g flour // 16 g ground coffee from New Guinea

Mix all the ingredients. Divide the crumble on a baking tray and place in an oven at 180 ° C.

Chocolate crémeux and Expresso Milano coffee (Viva Sara)

250 g whole milk // 250 g cream 35% fat // 18 g Milano Expresso coffee // 100 g egg yolks // 50 g sugar // 300 g chocolate Jivara // 25 g chocolate Coeur de Guanaja

Let the coffee steep in the hot milk (80 ° C) for 30 min. Make a custard of milk, cream and egg yolks (85 ° C). Pour it over the two kinds of chocolate. Mix until a homogenous whole is obtained. Leave to set.


250 g sugar // 250 g cream 35% fat // 100 g butter // 0.05 g salt

Make a caramel (without water) with the sugar and dilute with cream. Strain the butter and salt, and mix in with the rest of the ingredients. Put in the fridge.

Recipe: Nicolas Arnaud
Picture: Jan Agten

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