Belgian Blue prime rib, potato cakes with pork belly, smoked mushrooms and Delino béarnaise

Ingredients (4 people)

Belgian Blue:

180 g Blue prime rib per person

8 tablespoons Artistos marinade (home-made marinade)


4 large mushrooms

4 tablespoons olive oil


4 potatoes

100 g coarse sea salt

200 g smoked bacon cubes

few sprigs of chives


fleur de sel

4 tablespoons olive oil



Belgian Blue prime rib:

Marinate the meat in Artistos marinade for 90 minutes. Place it in a 180°C barbecue until it has cooked to the desired degree of "doneness".


Cook the potatoes on coarse sea salt in the smokestack. Remove the peelings when done and ensure that they do not come into too much contact with the salt. Fry the pork belly. Chop the chives finely, add to the potatoes then mash them. Add the fried pork belly to the potatoes and season with pepper and fleur de sel. Allow to cool in a pan then cut into squares. Heat the olive oil, drag the squares through the flour and fry in the olive oil.


Make incisions in the mushrooms and brush them with olive oil. Cook them in the smokestack.

Dressing the plate

Place the Belgian Blue, potato square and mushroom on a plate. Decorate with Delino béarnaise. 

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