Belly bacon with white cabbage and hazelnut

Belly bacon pickled and prepared in the Roner:

Pickle for 1 night in colorozo salt (70 g/l). Rinse for two hours under
cold water. Slice the bacon into blocks and pack into baked and
smoked hay, with garlic, thyme, cloves, bay leaf and rosemary. Cook in
the Roner at 69°C for 24 hours or in the oven for 2x1 hour. Cool off (in
ice water) and slice off thin slices with the meat slicing machine.

White cabbage in the oven:

Place the whole white cabbage in the oven and roast at 170°C for three
hours. Remove the outer leaves and portion the inner leaves. Set aside
half for sautéing and pickle the other half in the savora vinaigrette.

Savora vinaigrette with dashi:

30 g savora mustard
30 g dashi vinegar
10 g ponzu
10 g sushi vinegar
10 g water
Lime juice
1 dl grape kernel oil

Serve with young red sorrel, garden cress, nasturtium, bruised hazelnut
and juniper berry powder.

Recipe: Bart De Pooter (WY)
Photo: Jan Agten

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