Carpaccio of smoked Holstein loin with cobblestones and spring vegetables


5 slices of smoked Holstein loin
1 baby carrot, blanched and burnt
2 asparagus tips
3 asparagus ribbons
20 g garden peas, double podded
150 g turnip mash
150 g carrot mash
150 pea mash
horseradish mayonnaise
baby rocket leaves, turnip greens, carrot greens
For the cocoa butter:
100 g cocoa butter
20 g white chocolate
4 g salt
25 g juniper berries
3.5 g white wine vinegar
1.5 g black bamboo powder


For the vegetable cobblestones, cook the mash separately with 1 g of
Iota, 0.5 g agar-agar. Soak 1.5 leaves of gelatine in cold water and add
to the mash. Pipe the creams into the cobblestone mould and insert
a cocktail pick for easier dipping of the cobblestones into the cocoa
butter afterwards. Let the cobblestones solidify in the freezer.
Place all the ingredients in a vacuum bag and vacuum seal.
Bring a pot of water to the boil and let the dipping butter boil for 20
minutes in the water.
Strain and then let cool off until the mixture is nice and unctuous.
Dip the cobblestones in the mixture so they are covered with a pretty


Arrange the slices of smoked loin in a shingle pattern and trim to
obtain a nice rectangle. Arrange the cobblestones as shown on the
photo. Mix the vegetables with a nice fresh dressing. Finish with the
horseradish mayonnaise, the baby rocket leaves and the turnip and
carrot greens.

Recipe: Bart De Pooter (WY)
Photo: Jan Agten

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