Charlotte of asparagus, bintje potatoes and lobster (a recipe suitable for catering for large groups)

Ingredients (serves 4)

12 cooked asparagus

2 waxy potatoes, brunoise cut, boiled

100 g sour cream


salt, pepper, nutmeg

400 cl lobster stock

1 500/600 g lobster, cooked

40 g herring roe

3 g Iota (Texturas)



Bring the lobster stock to the boil. Add Iota and mix. Pour the liquid gel onto a cold plate (Iota is a soft gel). 

Prepare the charlotte: slice the cooked asparagus tips (about 4 cm), then slice lengthwise into three slivers. Brunoise cut the rest of the asparagus.

Grease rings with oil. Place the asparagus tips against the edges and fill with a salad of potatoes, sour cream, asparagus, lobster, chives, salt and pepper. Use the remaining lobster as a garnish. Fill the rings until full and press down firmly. Let sit in the fridge for 12 hours. Remove from the rings and if necessary tie up with blanched leek rings.

Place the charlotte on the lobster gel, finish with pieces of lobster, piped sour cream and herring roe.

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