Fillet of beef / peas / carrots

Ingredients (4 people)

500 gr. of fillet of beef // 4 green asparagus // 300 gr. of orange carrots // 100 gr. of yellow carrots // 100 gr. of mauve carrots // 400 gr. of peas // 10 gr. of sunflower seeds // 5 cl olive oil // 2 cl balsamic vinegar // 10 gr. butter


Cut 4 fillets and store in refrigerator. Make tubes (with an apple corer) of orange carrots and yellow carrots, cook them over a low heat. Cook the rest of the orange carrots and make a mousse having carefully put aside the 8 most attractive small graded carrots. Thinly slice the mauve carrots and marinate them in olive oil with a pinch of salt. Grill the sunflower seeds in a pan and season well. Cook the peas, keep part of them to shell and make a mousse with the rest. Sear the whole carrots without peeling them with a little butter. Sear the fillets of beef for 4 minutes on each side and leave to rest. Cut into slices. Make an olive oil and balsamic vinegar based vinaigrette, season well.
Arrange it all on a dish and finish.

Recipes: Pierre Balthazar (The Hotel)
Photos: Jan Agten

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