Hawaii salad with chicken breast


Seasonal raw vegetables
4 chicken breasts
1 fresh pineapple
Delino Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette
4 hard-boiled eggs
Coconut powder
Raisins (allow to soak)


Fry the chicken breasts until they are golden brown. Once they are
ready, allow to cool.
Arrange the salad on plates and drizzle with Delino Honey-Mustard
Garnish the salad with the chopped raw vegetables and add olives or
sundried tomatoes (optional). Leave a space in the centre of the plate
for the pineapple which should be briefly grilled or fried, and then lay
the chicken breasts on top (either whole or cut into pieces). Sprinkle
with the soaked raisins and some coconut powder.
Serve with a jug of Delino Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette and some pieces
of baguette.

Recipe: Raf De Bruyne (De Markt)
Photo: Jan Agten

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