Megrim rolls with lardo di colonnata, stuffed with tomato, mozzarella and garlic sauce


Megrim fillets
lardo di colonnata
sun-dried tomatoes
mozzarella cheese
Delino Garlic Sauce


Place the megrim fi llets with the white side down on a thin slice of
lardo di colonnata. Pound it a bit flatter. Rub in with a thin layer of
Delino Garlic Sauce. Cover with 1 tomato, some mozzarella cheese and
a basil leaf then roll up tightly. Prick with a rosemary skewer (soaked
in water).
Bake over an open barbecue and serve with some extra Delino Garlic

Recipe: Peter De Groote (Ten Dauwe)
Photo: Jan Agten

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