Slow-cooked “Brasvar” pork, potato, honey and crumble


1 pork rib roast, 800 g
½ l veal stock
3 tbsp honey
¼ green cabbage
2 black pudding
Heritage carrot
Sushi vinegar and mirin
star anise


Season the pork, cook in the oven at low heat (65°C) for 18 hours
Combine the stock with the honey and lemongrass and bring to the
Boil the potatoes, puree, season, add butter and the braised green
Cook the pork rind, rub with the herbs and honey and dry it between
two oven dishes. Crumble in your food processor.
Fry the black pudding.
Put a small knob of butter in a frying pan and caramelise the
cubed pork and then lacquer with the mixture of honey, soy sauce,
lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon and star anise).
Slice the carrot into long strips and marinate in the sushi vinegar and
mirin. Roll up the carrot strips.


Spoon a line of the potato mixture in the middle of your plate.
Cut the pork into cubes of 3 by 3 cm (3 per person).
Cut the black pudding croquette into two pieces and place them on
the plate upright.

Recipe: Ter Groene Poorte
Photo: Tineke Duytschaever

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