Slow-cooked quality beef, candied shallots in Camille Léonie by Les Chemins de Bassac and a potato with Époisses AOP cheese


720 g quality beef // 8 dl Camille Léonie organic red wine by Les Chemins de Bassac //
4 shallots // 150 g granulated sugar // 3 cloves of garlic // 40 g smoked bacon //
100 g farmhouse butter // 4 Belle de Fontenay potatoes // 4 slices of smoked ham //
150 g Époisses AOP (a raw milk cheese from Burgundy) // meat spices // blanc de boeuf (frying fat) // 1 sprig of lemon thyme // 1 sprig of rosemary // 1 bay leaf


Light the Oklahoma BBQ, let the wood burn down and then arrange the vines on top of it.
Rub the beef with the meat spices and slow-cook in the Oklahoma Joe barbecue for about 3 hours at 100°C.
Add the cloves of garlic, the smoked bacon lardons and the peeled shallots to the Camille Léonie wine and cook until the wine is reduced. Top with the farmhouse butter.
Wash the potatoes and cook in their skins in blanc de boeuf with a clove of garlic, lemon thyme, rosemary and bay leaf.
Slice the cooked potato in two and add the Époisses cheese, roll a slice of smoked ham around the potato and smoke in the Oklahoma Joe’s chimney until the cheese has melted.
Plate up the beef and the potatoes.


Recipes: Patrick De Gendt
Photos: Wouter Van Vooren

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