Slow-cooked sea bass on the barbecue, cooked over grapevines, served with asparagus, EVOO (Herdade de Vale de Arca) and smoked Gorgonzola cheese


600 g wild sea bass, skin left on // 200 cl Isa Rosé organic wine by Les // Chemins de Bassac (vin de pays des côtes de Thongue – grenache, syrah and mouvêdre) // 8 white AA asparagus spears // 150 g Gorgonzola DOP (an Italian blue cheese) // 200 g sour cream // 2 limes // 1 sprigs of lemon thyme // sea salt // pepper // 4 tbsp Vale de Arca olive oil // selection of fresh, green garden herbs // Himalayan salt block


Let the sea bass fillet marinate for two hours in a marinade of Isa Rosé wine, olive oil, sea salt, pepper, lime juice and lemon thyme. Remove the fish, pat dry, brush with olive oil and arrange on the salt block. Light the Oklahoma BBQ, let the wood burn down and then arrange the vines on top of it. Place the salt block with the sea bass fillet in the Oklahoma Joe and let cook for about 15 minutes at 110°C. Peel the asparagus and cook them until done. Then smoke them in the Oklahoma’s chimney, along with the Gorgonzola cheese. Combine with the sour cream, the garden herbs and the olive oil. Plate up the fish and asparagus

Recipes: Patrick De Gendt
Photos: Wouter Van Vooren


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