Wild strawberries in current jelly, mint and meringue with a light garden tea cream sauce


1 kg. strawberries

For the flavoured mousse

4 egg yolks
180 g.  sugar
3 dl milk
1 vanilla bean
1.5 dl cream
3 tbsp. Viva Sara garden tea

For the meringue

3 egg whites
5 cl. water
180 g. sugar
2 tbsp. Viva Sara mint tea

For the currant gelatine

5 dl water
1 vanilla bean
135 g. 50% sugar syrup
35 g. lime juice
50 g. dried apricots
3 ¾ gelatine leaves
70 g crème de cassis liqueur
12 g. wild strawberry liqueur


For the flavoured mousse

Split the vanilla bean. Warm the milk with the tea and vanilla bean. Remove the vanilla bean and scrape the seeds, adding them back to the milk mixture. Rinse the bean and retain for later use (put it in sugar, for example, to make vanilla sugar). Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until they form a white ribbon. Pour the cream into a chilled double-bottomed pan. Blend the egg mixture with the flavoured milk and cook until the sauce coats the back of a spoon. When the egg and milk mixture is ready, blend it into the cream and pour through a fine sieve.

Beat one minute per litre with a mixer and chill. Pour into a pastry bag and set aside.

For the meringue

Put the egg whites into the mixer. Heat the water and brew the tea 8 minutes, then pour through a sieve. Add the sugar to the water and bring the mixture to a boil over high heat. Monitoring with a candy thermometer, when the mixture reaches 100° C, beat the egg whites on the mixer’s highest speed. When the sugar mixture reaches 121°C, reduce the mixer’s speed and slowly pour the sugar mixture into the egg whites. Once incorporated, return the mixer to its highest speed and beat 4 minutes.

Reduce the speed and continue mixing until the mixture has cooled completely.
Form small meringues and allow them to dry for at least 24 hours.

For the currant gelatine

Simmer the apricots with the water and vanilla bean for 10 minutes. Remove and scrape the vanilla bean and blend the apricot mixture in the blender. Strain using a fine sieve, add the gelatine and chill. Once the mixture has reached room temperature, add the liqueurs and set aside until serving. 

Recipes: Blaise Cabu (Malle Poste)
Photos: France Gavroy

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