Wild Sockeye salmon mi-cuit

Ingredients for 4 people

4 pieces of Canadian Sockeye salmon of 150 g each // 2 cucumbers // 4 waxy potatoes // rice vinegar // 1 courgette // rocket mayonnaise // fresh herbs for garnishing


Cut small balls from the potatoes and boil them in chicken stock with curcuma and aromatics. Leave the balls to cool down in the stock so they will obtain a nice colour. Cut the courgette in thin slices and arrange them on a plate so they overlap. Cut out nice discs from this and brush with olive oil. Use a special mandolin to cut the cucumbers into spaghetti, and marinate in rice vinegar. Fry the salmon, skin side down, in a frying pan until half done. Dress the plate and garnish like shown in the picture.

Recipe: Marc Clement
Picture: Jan Agten

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