Belgian strawberries with tarragon, Yves Mattagne **

Ingredients and preparation


Juice the strawberries

Put fresh strawberries in a juicer and filter it in a coffee filter. Infuse cold with mint and tarragon, finish with sugar water.


Tarragon cream

Sweat a young Jonagold with one vanilla pod in a dry white wine and leave to compote. Blanch the tarragon and stir it into the mixture.



Mix blanched tarragon with apple juice, sprite and a dash of vodka. Next sieve and pour into a mould and freeze.



Prepare a ‘meringue Italienne’ with freeze-dried strawberries placed on top. Let it dry for two days at 55 °C. Serve with fresh Belgian strawberries. 


Recipe: Yves Mattagne (Sea Grill)
Photo: Bart Tanghe
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