Introducing Dolce World: Your Gateway to Premium Social Media, Life Sharing Experiences, and Influencer Marketing in the Food and Hospitality Industry

Dolce World is not just a platform; it's a thriving Digital Social Media-Life Sharing Experiences-and Influencer Marketing Product Placement Community tailored for BtB professionals in the food and hospitality sector. We also extend our reach to the discerning BtC market, focusing on high-end consumers, our beloved AmaProfs (Amateur Professionals).

In all our endeavors, we uphold the principle of delivering excellence as our core value. We also prioritize creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Our aim is to provide people with opportunities to explore novel experiences, fostering inspiration within our vibrant Dolce World community.

DOLCE WORLD is a trendy, hip and exclusive community for trendy, hip and exclusive professionel chefs. Bon vivants with a shared passion for gastronomy, travel and unique experiences. Foodies, hipsters, chefs, cosmopolitan types—all with a taste for an inspiring productplacement that brings both viewing and experiential pleasure. Dolce brings them together in a worldwide community with a Belgian touch.

The DOLCE WORLD is an international Vital Hospitality community with a passion for gastronomy , lifestyle, art built through crossmedia (paper, digital) and sharing experience (travel, concerts, exhibitions, incentives... ) activities like dolce grillardeurs, dolce curling and dolce petanque

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