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Organise your event together with DOLCE
Together with our partners, we have gained a lot of know-how with our culinary experiences. We noticed that there was an increasing
demand for help in organising events and arranging their culinary aspects. We give you an exceptional and unique event experience
where culinary authenticity and hospitality are the number one priority. No standard programmes but tailored to your wishes and budget.
We can take care of the entire organisation and/or just the culinary aspects of your event, and operate both locally and abroad.

To give you an idea of some of the possibilities we have included a sample of our past year's programmes.

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august 2024
06 Event

06/08 Dolce Petanque Trophy empowered by The Chaine

dolce petanque trophy under construction

september 2024
23 Event

23-25/ 9 Gastvrij Rotterdam

Under construction

oktober 2024
19 Event

qatar 19-25/10


Dolce World is back on the move, embarking on an unforgettable journey through Qatar alongside Ilse Duponcheel, a seasoned resident who promises to unveil experiences beyond the ordinary. Join us and immerse yourself in the essence of Qatar like never before!

Get ready to be inspired and forge new connections!

19 Event

19-23/10 SIAL

Under Construction

november 2024
03 Event

3-7/11 Equiphotel

Under Construction

december 2024
01 Event

1-2/11 Dolce Grillardeurs

Under Construction