“Ivoire” chocolate, egg white, lemongrass, lychee


300 g sugar

150 g egg white

100 g white chocolate

100 g milk

40 g cream

20 g sugar

3 stalks of lemongrass


100 g coconut milk

50 g lime juice

50 g sugar

1 gelatine leaf


200 g coconut milk

40 g sugar

40 g egg white

1 gelatine leaf


200 g lychee juice

150 g sugar

120 g glucose powder

70 g water



Beat the egg white and 300 g of sugar and spread the mixture on a silpat.

Dry at 95° in the oven, cut out and roll into tubes.

Boil the milk, cream and 20 g of sugar and let the lemongrass steep in the mixture.

Sift and heat the chocolate and mix. Let stiffen and stir until smooth.


Bring the coconut milk, the lime juice and the sugar to a boil and dissolve the gelatine.

Mix and strain. Pour into a siphon and aerate with nitrogen.  

Then break it up to obtain white, crumbling pieces.


Gently beat the egg white and the sugar. Heat the coconut milk and add gelatine.

Mix everything together until cold, place in a turbine sorbet maker.

Arrange the chocolate bars on top.


Lychee sorbet

Mix all the ingredients together until cold and finish in the sorbet maker.


Recipe: Bart Desmidt (Bartholomeus)

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