BBQ-style Dublin Bay prawn, structures of celeriac, hazelnut and soy

Season small cubes of celeriac with dashi vinegar, olive oil, pepper and salt.


Hazelnut mayonnaise

70 g browned hazelnut

45 g egg whites

pepper and salt

5 g hazelnut oil

250 g grape seed oil

lemon juice and water


Mix into a mayonnaise.


Hazelnut crumble

Mix hazelnut and add vinegar powder.


“Javanais” of lardo di colonnata and Angus beef

Place the fried Angus beef and the lardo crosswise over each other.


Soy vinaigrette

Mix soy sauce, yuzu-salt, olive oil, pepper and salt, oyster sauce, gelespessa.

Burn the Dublin Bay prawn with a gas burner.

Add Belgian caviar and some purslane.

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