Ceci est un Dely 's ! Chef Thierry Desmedt

Chef Thierry Desmedt makes use of a blue plate and white clouds which he makes by means of a sponge cake: “These elements are found often in Magritte’s work. The title of this dish and the smoky flavour of the sponge cake refer to ‘La Trahison des Images’. The pigeon and the apple also make frequent appearances in his works, such as for instance in ‘L’oiseau de ciel’ and in ‘La Chambre d’Ecoute’. We serve our dish accompanied by a Magritte beer which was specially brewed in 2017 by the Magritte Museum.”

Ingredients and preparation


young pigeon

goose fat

Magritte beer

chicken stock






salt and pepper



Debone the pigeon and boil the bones in goose fat at 65 °C. Next, vacuum cook the fillets for 20 minutes at 62 °C. Fry the bones and deglaze with Magritte beer, chicken stock, smoked bacon, onion, carrot, leek and garlic. Season with salt and pepper, sieve and finish with a knob of butter.

Sponge cake

smoking powder

egg white

egg yolk

almond flakes  



Prepare a sponge cake with all the ingredients and cook in the microwave for 40 seconds at 400 Watt.

Parsnip and beech mushrooms

Peel a parsnip, slice, cut out discs, season and vacuum cook at 85 °C for 30 minutes. Fry briefly with the beech mushrooms.


Green apple

Combine sugar syrup and apple puree with vegetable gelatine and bring to the boil. Pour into moulds and leave to set.

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