Dogfish glazed with honey, Baardman beer and bergamot, various structures of butternut squash, Baardman beer sabayon.

Fillet the dogfish and cut into pieces, cook at 54°C for 15 minutes, brush with the glaze (reduce the honey, add the beer, add bergamot zest and some bergamot juice, reduce until you obtain a syrup).
Place the dogfish under the ‘salamander’ and let it caramelise.

Butternut squash structures

Roll with polder potatoes, buttermilk and onion

Dice an onion, fry it in butter, add some mashed potato and some buttermilk. Fill a thin slice of butternut squash with the mixture.

Butternut squashed mash

Prepare a butternut squash mash and a caramel. Combine the two and season with salt and pepper.

Baardman beer sabayon

Prepare an olive oil with the bergamot peel: let the bergamot peel steep in the olive oil for about 1 hour at 80°C.

Break one egg into the thermomix, and add 1 dl of Baardman and 1 dl of bergamot olive oil. Whip for 4 minutes until the temperature reaches 80°C.


Marinate some slices of butternut squash in some honey and Chardonnay vinegar. Cook a thick slice of butternut until done and then use a blowtorch to colour it.

Refer to the photo for the plating.


Recipe: Patrick Devos

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