Fata Morgana


100 g round rice per litre of water // 5 g ras el hanout or curry // 6 ripe tomatoes // 4 springs of coriander // 1 pinch harissa // Leaves of mint



First make the ice cubes. Boil the rice in double the water with the ras el hanout or curry. Drain the rice but keep the cooking water. Put the water in the ice cube moulds and place in the freezer.  Keep the rice in the fridge for the snack. Prepare a tomato coulis by blending them. Add coriander and harissa. Push through a funnel sieve. Refrigerate. Crush the ice cubes with an ice crusher or put them in a tea towel and bash them against the counter. Pour the tomato juice in a glass, garnish with mint and serve with the yellow ice cubes.


Snack: Popped rice


rice (see above) // 2 limes // 50 g pistachio powder // Leaves from two sprigs of coriander



Preheat the oven to 70 °C. Spread the boiled rice on an oven tray covered in baking paper and leave to dry for 2 hrs. Pop the rice just like popcorn in the deep-fat fryer at 180 °C. Add the lime zest (no juice), the pistachio powder and the coriander leaves and mix. Serve in a bowl.


Recipe: Michel Borsy

Picture: Jan Agten

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