Haddock, king crab, turnip, shore crab gravy

Ingredients shore crab stock

500 g shore crabs // 500 g langoustine heads // 150 g concentrated tomato puree // 3 x leek whites // ½ white celery // thyme/rosemary // ½ bulb of garlic // 1 large onion // cognac // white wine


Hack the langoustine heads and shore crabs in to pieces. Roast for 20 minutes in the oven at 185 °C. Add the tomato puree and turn into a normal bisque.

Shore crab gravy

Lightly fry the onion, celery, garlic, leek whites, fennel strips. Add some saffron, fish heads (brill, turbot, sole). Pour in some white wine and shore crab stock. Leave to steep for an hour. Blend briefly and pass through a fine sieve (do not force it). Thicken lightly using xanthan and pass through the sieve again. Add some combava oil before serving.


Fry a thick and very fresh piece of haddock briefly and finish cooking with the blow torch. Season with salt and pepper after torching.


Slice thinly, cut out some shapes with the cutter (diameter 3.5/5cm ). Impregnate cold in a mix of 500 sushi vinegar and 500 water with seasoning. Make an incision and turn it into a cone.  

King crab

Raw clusters! Keep the fat pieces to grill with thyme. (1 piece is four portions). It is important to really remove the cartilage well. This can be done using deboning tweezers. Cook the rest of the clusters in court stock (high in seasoning) to the perfect cuisson. Inspect the crab for cartilage and reduce the big pieces somewhat. Finish with a mushroom brunoise fried in butter, add the king crab, season and finish with spring onions. If desired with beurre blanc.  Grill the king crab claw under the grill with some butter and thyme.


Wood sorrel. Roll up the green of the spring onions and cut in fine slivers. Refresh in ice water. Grate the combava right before serving. 

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