Tartare of Holstein veal with parmesan and Herdade de vale de Arca oliveoil

Ingredients :

60 g veal

1 l water

300 g parmesan

100 g water

10 g vinegar

15 g sugar

2 spoons of herdade de Vale de Arca Olive oil

Cut the veal into tartare. Put 1 litre of water and 300 grams of parmesan in a vacuum bag and steam in a steamer at 85°C for 24 hours.

Filter and clarify with egg white. Add the pickled beech mushrooms.

Fry briefly and deglaze with vinegar. Add olive oil and preserved mustard seeds.

Briefly blanch the mustard seeds 3 times and place in a mixture of water, vinegar and sugar.

Finish with  the Herdade de Vale de arca olive oil and basil. Dress the gravy around the tartare and finish with a few drops of green herbs.


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