Belgian two Michelin-star chef Bart De Pooter reopens Pastorale with 10 corona commandments and an ozone generator in the cloakroom

11 june, 2020


Belgian two Michelin-star chef Bart De Pooter reopens Pastorale with 10 corona commandments and an ozone generator in the cloakroom

“You shall have a coronaproof restaurant experience at a star level.”


Reet (Belgium), the 11th of June 2020 - Tomorrow Pastorale**, the restaurant of chef Bart De Pooter, will reopen its doors after a twelve-week closure due to the coronavirus. In order to offer his guests the same exceptional experience with respect for hygiene and social distancing measures, he innovates with an ozone generator in the cloakroom that disinfects the air and fights bacteria and viruses among other things. In combination with transparent masks, a personal menu for each customer and a huge amount of hand sanitizer - all written down in the 10 corona commandments - the chef and his team guarantee a coronaproof restaurant experience at a star level.


Virus- and bacteria-free cloakroom

"As chefs, we are often challenged, but today in a way we’ve never been challenged before. I have a million questions: How will our sommelier present the bottles of wine? What about the live preparations in front of our customers? And will customers now have to get their own coat in the cloakroom? Those aspects used to be self-evident, but suddenly they aren’t so obvious anymore and require a creative solution", says chef Bart De Pooter. And regarding his last question, he has already found a solution: an ozone generator in the cloakroom.


After the coronacrisis, taking the customer's coat is not allowed anymore. That's why customers will be asked to hang their coat on a rack first, after which the coat will be hung in a cloakroom with an ozone generator. First, the air in the cloakroom will be aspirated at the back of the ozone generator. Once inside, the air will be purified by the air filter and a special UV lamp, after which the air will be channelled through ceramic plates and the oxygen will be converted into ozone by an electrical discharge. Finally, the ozone will be released back into the cloakroom through the front of the generator in order to disinfect the room - and the customer's coat - and fights viruses and bacteria, among other things.


Transparent masks to ensure interaction with customers

"It’s obvious that the hygiene and social distancing measures will be part of the restaurant experience nowadays. It is up to us to make sure that the measures don’t have a negative influence on the experience. In order to continue to guarantee our customers that exceptional service, we took the time during the lockdown to look at every aspect of our service and think about how to make it coronaproof. The interaction with our customers is an important part of that. That's why we choose to work with transparent masks, so that the facial expressions are guaranteed and so is the communication with our customers," says Bart. In order to further guarantee a safe service, the whole team has been tested on corona and will be tested at least once a month.


The 10 corona commandments

Not only the staff, but also the customers have to follow a number of rules. Bart has incorporated these in what he calls the 10 corona commandments of Pastorale - a reference to the history of the former presbytery in which the restaurant is located.

1. You shall have no parking stress - there is a free parking next to Pastorale, on the street and on the ‘Brooikensplein’.

2.You will be warmly welcomed - doors are wide open for you.

3.You shall use hand sanitizer - when entering, during the meal and after each sanitary stop.

4.You shall not be bothered by the Belgian capricious weather - will be able to hang your coat safely.

6.You shall be seated on disinfected tables and chairs - disinfected before and after each service.

7.You shall receive a personal menu - you can take it home as a souvenir.

8.You shall choose your favourite wine from a digital menu - disinfected before use.

9.You shall have enough napkins - you get two new ones during service.

10.You shall use disinfected sanitary facilities - disinfected every half hour.

You shall preferably pay by card - cash remains possible.

Restaurant Pastorale**

Laarstraat 22

2840 Reet


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