Dolce consulting lifts any concept to a higher level

13 december, 2016

“Call on our year-long expertise and turn your business into a real success”


Bring an economist/marketing specialist and a hospitality expert together and you’ll have the perfect mix to transform a starting business or established enterprise into a successful concept. Top level consultancy in the world of catering, that is what Jan De Kimpe and Ilse Duponcheel are good at. Because in addition to publishing Dolce Magazine, organising culinary trips and events, Dolce World also stands for turning your business into a success. 




Stronger together!

Dolce consultancy is all about developing a new concept or reorganising a business, from developing recipes to concepts for a restaurant or a hotel, over training staff and management to organising an audit. As an old hand at creative hospitality, Ilse is good at casting aside the obstructions one experiences when starting up a new business or breaking old habits in an already established one. “The process is just as important as the result. I always try to cast aside the human resistance so that as a team you will get a completely new view on the business. Not only at business level, but also regarding the attitude you have towards each other, the concept or the objective. It’s only then that a good concept will be able to emerge properly and we can continue with the action plan. Jan is an expert in bringing together this vision in a logical and coherent way, up to its implementation. And it is this mixture of creativity and level-headedness which makes us strong”, says Ilse enthusiastically.


“Because we complement each other perfectly we are the perfect pairing for consultancy in the catering world”


Step-by-step plan

“By means of a well-thought-out step-by-step plan, Dolce consultancy takes an in-depth look at a business”, says Jan De Kimpe. “We always start with developing the concept. We do this by using direct or indirect tools in order to get to the best possible concept for a start-up or an existing business.”

“We do creative exercises such as pétanque or clay modelling. By letting the mind free, we ensure that the most beautiful concepts come to the fore”,  Ilse Duponcheel adds. “With these creative exercises as starting point, we eventually come to a concept which we elaborate in a business plan.”

Jan: “Next we enter the realisation phase, we establish the communication in order to realise the start-up. Of course the concept is monitored and might evolve later on, and we can also assist with any franchising if need be. One can make use of the complete step-by-step plan, but it is also perfectly possible for a business to only need help realising certain parts of the step-by-step plan. Any enterprise or entrepreneur can come to us with their problem, starting from a new concept to sorting out small flaws along the way.”


“It is our concern to make your business grow”


Quickly and efficiently

It only takes three days to come up with a roughly drafted business plan to develop a new concept or improve an existing one. The complete story can be done in 20 days. In other words, Jan’s experience as entrepreneur and economist and Ilse’s creative knowhow as hospitality specialist mean that together they are capable of making any business boom in a quick and efficient way. It is their common denominator, passion for gastronomy, that helps them to bring people and ideas together to create a success story. A unique approach ensures a  guaranteed result and year-long knowledge ensures perfect guidance.


Dolce consulting in a nutshell

- We support starters in setting up their new business

- We help you choose the right concept or help to perfect your existing concept

- We optimise your service

- We deal with a problem (staffing issues, growing pains, profitability, etc) to the point and we offer a tailored solution

- We evaluate your interior concept and perfect it

- We help managing your business and provide training for your staff

-We unburden and look after your idea!



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