Horeca Expo 19-23/10/2017

19 november, 2017

Masterclass Belgian Bites Dolce World op Chef’s Place

Horeca Expo (19-23 November)
Dolce-stand, hall 8, stand number 8850-89 (Chef’s Place)

Thursday 23 November, 1 pm – 2 pm


‘Belgian (Energetic) Bites’…
 or an energetic snack with every drink!

Five years ago, Ilse Duponcheel, together with Belgian chef Nicolas Rivière, published the book ‘Belgian Bites’. As seasoned gastronomes they succeeded in creating an unusual cookery book. Surprising, unique and most of all very tasty. Every snack is served with a drink: from wine to beer, a cocktail to mocktail or with a spirit.

Ilse travelled the world for 15 years, Nicolas’ origins are found in Ile de la Réunion…Both noticed the fact that with their drinks, Belgians serve something to nibble. They were also concerned about the modesty and timidity of the waiters. That is why they teamed up to develop a book which appealed to the imagination.  Original recipes, perfectly in tune with the drink served and a tip on how to serve it!

During Horeca Expo Ilse will take it one step further. Together with Meesterkok Peter De Groote she will create Belgian Energetic Bites, the same Belgian snacks, but with a high ORAC value. In other words: bites brimming with antioxidants giving the body an energy boost. Biocide ingredients such as refined sugar, flour and white salt are banned. Don’t miss these vitalising drinks & bites and be pleasantly surprised by the complimentary or contrasting flavours served by Ilse and Peter!

*Belgian beer bites

*Belgian wines and their chocolates

*Belgian eaux de vie and their lollipop

*Belgian mocktails and their healthy Babelutte

*Belgian cocktails and their Belgian sweets

A fantastic moment of relaxation and culinary pampering in a surprising combination of delicious Belgian Bites!



Picture: Ekkow Photograhy



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