Martini Caffè Torino, the very first Negroni bar in Belgium

03 march, 2017

How to be the best Negroni hotspot in the world


Hosted by Dante, New York

Dante is undoubtedly the world's most influential aperitivo bar. It ranks 34 on the all-important list of the World's 50 Best Bars. Two crowd pleasers are the Martini Negroni (1/3 Martini Riserva, 1/3 Bombay Sapphire and 1/3 Martini Bitter, finished with ice and orange zest) and Dante owner Naren Young’s signature Negroni.


Martini e Amici: around the world in 6 Negronis

What makes Caffè Torino even more unique is the Negroni wall of fame. Martini asked some of its friends all over the world to provide Caffè Torino with their signature Negroni recipe. As a result, Caffè Torino now offers no less than 6 Negronis, one from each continent. "Playing with time" also means having Negronis from 6 different time zones on the menu. Guests can try the various signatures and even have their own personalised bottle filled in order to enjoy their aperitivo in style at home as well. Would you like to try a Negroni from the Cocktail Kitchen in Dubai, or do you prefer one from Sydney, Bologna, Singapore or Chile?


‘The new-style Negroni’ by the top barmen in Belgium

The top barmen in Belgium were asked to design the Negroni of the future. The results can be sampled for one week only. The 'Negroni of the future' by Charly Lebrun (Bistro Des Anges), Didier Van den Broeck (Dogma), Jurgen Lijcops (Bar Burbure) and Manuel Wouters (SIPS) will each be on the menu for one week.


With every aperitivo comes some delicious finger food!

Aperitivo is all about food and drink. The snacks at Martini Caffè Torino are created by Francesco & Julia, who have now become household names in Antwerp Italian food culture. At Caffè Torino, they provide the very best Italian finger food to go with your Negroni feast. The food comes with your drink or can be bought separately as a take away with a lovely bottle of Martini Negroni, of course.


Aperitivo starts at 4

Caffè Torino in Antwerp only serves Vermouth di Torino by Martini, which has a protected designation of origin with a very strict predicate that only a few vermouths have achieved: the Riserva Speciale Rubino and Riserva Speciale Ambrato are the very best vermouths by Martini.


Practical information



Martini Caffè Torino



Sint-Antoniusstraat 2

2000 Antwerp

(on the corner of Nationalestraat – previously Jos Remes’ bicycle shop)



From Thursday 30 March to Sunday 23 April

Open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 4pm

Also open on Sunday shopping day 2 April from 4pm


For whom?

Everyone who likes spending time with friends, colleagues or family.

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