Asian-style roulade of pork belly


pork belly
Zimolo powder (adhesive)
ground beef with eggs, herbs and breadcrumbs (stuffi ng)
pickling salt
Delino Chinese Sauce


Clean the pork belly until you have a nice fl at piece. Rub with pickling
salt (not too much!) and leave to rest for one night. Rinse the meat
well and rub with Delino Chinese Sauce. Place the stuffi ng in the
middle and sprinkle with Zimolo (Zimolo is a tranglutaminate that
helps meat bind together better). Make a lovely roulade, wrap in
aluminium foil and vacuum-pack in a cooking bag. Cook in the
steamer for 3 hours at 52°C. Chill for one night. Rinse and dry the
meat and rub with Delino Chinese Sauce. Cook on the barbeque for
about 30 minutes.
Serve with fresh Asian vegetables fried in a wok.

Recipe: Peter De Groote (Ten Dauwe)
Photo: Jan Agten

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