Iberico pluma, grilled mini courgette, grilled mini fennel, young carrot, spring onion, pommes parisiennes stuffed with stew of pluma, pickles mousseline

INGREDIENTS (1 person) 

180 g pluma Iberico // 2 mini courgettes // 2 young carrots // 2 mini fennels // 5 pommes parisiennes // 1 onion, in brunoise // veal stock // 20 cl Duchesse de Bourgogne // pickles // 2 egg yolks


Boil the vegetables al dente. Afterwards add diamond shapes.
Boil the pommes parisienne and scoop the flesh out with a potato baller.
Use 1/3 of the pluma iberico for the stew.
the stew, fry the onion until softened.
Add the veal stock as well as the beer.
Cut 1/3 of the 
pluma iberico very finely.
Flash fry and add.
Leave to boil for about 15 minutes and thicken 
the stew with a brown roux. 
Make a mousseline sauce and add the pickles to taste. 
Fry the rest of the pluma iberico in olive oil with a knob of butter.
Frying the meat should take 
about 7 minutes.
Stuff the pommes parisiennes with the stew and heat.
Dress the plate.

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