Squid with Sakura, red cabbage with grilled sesame seeds, goji berries

Ingredients and preparation


For the red cabbage

- 500 g fermented red cabbage in a Weck jar with 1% organic sea salt and spring water during 12hrs at an ambient temperature of 25°C

- roasted sesame oil  

- extra virgin olive oil

- 25 g sesame seeds

- 50 g goji berries 

- 25 g pumpkin seeds

- 20 fermented shiso sheets with 1% salt

- mirin 

- 1 tsp yuzu kosho 


For the squid

- cleaned squid, frozen and sliced finely with the slicer, cooked under the lamp

- roasted sesame oil 

- Sakura sel de fleur 

- Sakura sheets 

- extra virgin olive oil


For the rice sheets with cabbage 

- rice which has been boiled for too long 

- fermentation liquid  

- 1 tbsp caster sugar 

Blend in the Thermomix and sieve if need be. Spread out in a thin layer on the Flexipan and leave to dry under the lamp or in an oven at 90°C.



Recept : Arabelle Meirlaen

Foto: Bart Tanghe


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