Sea buckthorn chocolate

Chocolate flan

300 g whole milk
½ vanilla bean
60 g Callebaut chocolate Brazil (66,8%)
15 g Callebaut milk chocolate 823NV (33,6%)
0,5 g Iota

Boil the ingredients, strain and pour out on a dish. Let cool off.

Mango/passion fruit flan

200 g mango puree
100 g passion fruit puree
1 pinch of finely chopped ginger
150 g water
70 g sugar
2 g Iota

Boil the water and the sugar, add the mint, the ginger and the verbena. Let infuse for about three minutes and strain, mix everything with the two fruit purees, bring to the boil, strain and let stiffen in a chilled ring mould on a plate.

Genoise chocolate

6 eggs
250 g sugar
4 g salt
175 g white flour
40 g hazelnut powder
35 g cacao
160 g melted butter

Whisk the eggs, the sugar and the salt over heat until they reach body temperature and then continue to whisk off the heat. Then mix in the flour and the cocoa and sieve. Mix into the egg mixture, along with the hazelnut powder. Finally fold in the melted butter. Pour out over a baking tray and bake at 180°C. Let cool off and cut into the desired shape. Drench in orange juice / orange - Shrubb.

Pecan praline

300 g peeled and roasted pecans
100 g hot blonde caramel

Mix, pour out and chop up.

Sea-buckthorn syrup

50 g sea buckthorn berries
30 g sugar
40 g water

Sea-buckthorn sorbet

135 g milk
140 g water
3 g stabiliser
50 g sugar
100 g glucose
50 g fresh mango puree
65 g bergamot juice
60 g sea buckthorn syrup
1 gelatine leaf

Mix everything and dissolve the gelatine. Let infuse in the fridge overnight with verbena leaves and bergamot zest.


Place two small ring moulds on a plate and pour in the mango/passion fruit flan. Place a large ring mould on the plate and pour in the chocolate flan. Let stiffen and then remove the ring moulds. Place the drenched genoise on the plate. Garnish with some raspberries, pistachio nuts, pecan crumble and sea buckthorn sorbet.

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