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07 jun Digitalisation breathes new life into the catering sector

The internet has made the life of a number of sectors a lot easier. And digitalisation is also doing the same for the catering sector. New platforms such as Growzer simplify time-consuming administration and day-to-day processes. Catering establishments gain time, their costs go down and they obtain more insights. 

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23 mar The Food Service community carries out a unique survey in the food service industry.

It will take up only about 5 minutes of your time and will allow us to gain a better understanding of the food service industry.

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17 feb BE DELICIOUS launches event catering which puts Belgian quality in the spotlight

BE DELICIOUS launches event catering which puts Belgian quality in the spotlight

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13 dec Dolce consulting lifts any concept to a higher level

“Call on our year-long expertise and turn your business into a real success”


Bring an economist/marketing specialist and a hospitality expert together and you’ll have the perfect mix to transform a starting business or established enterprise into a successful concept. Top level consultancy in the world of catering, that is what Jan De Kimpe and Ilse Duponcheel are good at. Because in addition to publishing Dolce Magazine, organising culinary trips and events, Dolce World also stands for turning your business into a success. 


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04 sep Dolce visits the Festival of the King of Ham "Parma "

Parma ham, a secular tradition.

The total production of raw hams in Italy reached approximately 25 million pieces. The "prosciutto" is made from the hind legs of pork. The name "Prosciutto" is derived from the word "Prosciugare" meaning drying. Prosciutto most sophisticated and best known is called Prosciutto di Parma or Parma ham.

Parma ham is rooted in very ancient times. The documents show that 217 BC. J.C., Hannibal stopped in Parma during his campaign to Italy where he tasted "salty pork thighs." Fifty years later Polibe speaks of those products and an important export from Parma to Rome. Today Parma ham is always produced in the region typical Parmesan and manufactured to the same tradition.


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12 may Bocuse d’Or Europe 2016 Tamás Széll is crowned Best European Chef

Bocuse d’Or Europe has never been been as popular as it is now around the world. It’s a great success ! The enthusiasm and support of the whole hungarian nation have boosted the show. They succeeded in promoting their gastronomic and cultural assets.
Florent Suplisson, GL events Gastronomic Events Director

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26 feb Brazil wins the Bocuse d’Or Latin America 2016, and two women achieve a place on the podium

On February 12th this year, after two days of fierce competition at the heart of Sirha Mexico trade show, Brazilian Chef Giovanna Grossi won the 'Bocuse d’Or Latin America 2016'.

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28 jan Red deer, sterlet sturgeon and Hungarian caviar, stars of the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2016 10-11 May 2016 Hungexpo - Budapest (Hungary)

Once again, the most prestigious of European cooking contests – and the one that has led the most winners to the final podium – will encourage its contestants to promote their culinary heritage and the gastronomic signature of their respective countries.

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15 dec Bocuse d’Or Europe: 20 European chefs will be competing in Budapest (Hungary) for a place in the grand final of the contest

After winning the national rounds in their respective countries, the list of 20 candidates from all over the European continent is now complete! On May 10th and 11th 2016, the most prestigious gastronomy contest in Europe will take place in Budapest in the heart of Hungary, as part of the Sirha Budapest trade exhibition. 

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23 mar In 2017 we are looking for another suitable candidate for the Bocuse d'Or Lyon 2019 cooking competition.

Bocuse d'Or is named after chef Paul Bocuse. It is the most prestigious culinary competition in the world, the Olympic Games for gourmet cooks as it were. It is not just a cooking competition; it is also a human adventure that brings together talented chefs and offers further guidance on their path to stardom.

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03 mar Martini Caffè Torino, the very first Negroni bar in Belgium

Last year, Martini brought the vermouth bar concept to Belgium with Caffè Torino. Modern Italian-style aperitifs are clearly on the rise in this country as well. One big winner in this respect is the classic Italian Negroni cocktail. That is why Caffè Torino will be the very first Negroni bar in Belgium this year.

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17 feb JUST BEER – a taste of Europe

Just Beer is a high-end beer event for ‘bon vivants’ and real beer lovers. Visitors get the opportunity to discover superior brews with tastings of selected innovative beers, special beers and familiar brands.

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20 okt Focus on GUILLAUME GOMEZ AN EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY during Chef 's World Summit 2016

Guillaume Gomez found himself in presidential kitchens from the age of 19, for the fulfillment of his military service.

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07 sep Don’t miss your date with world gastronomy!

From 27 to 29 November the very first edition of the Chefs World Summit will take place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. An exclusive networking event which will connect gastronomy from all over the world during a three-day culinary journey of discovery. A unique meeting of the most renowned chefs and culinary experts on the planet. Dolce World is a proud partner of this top event which undoubtedly will become the stage for the gastronomy of the future. 

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30 may The Native Cooking Award 2016 ... Belgian 's Take silver

The result of the Native Cooking Award 2016.

The winner is Sweden
The no 2 is  BELGIUM  and won also the press Award
The no 3 is Norway

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26 feb Argentina wins the Copa Maya 2016: Latin American selection or the 'Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

After a day of fierce competition set in the heart of Sirha Mexico trade swhow, the team from Argentina composed of Jorge Garcia (Sugar category) and Mariano Zichert (Chocolate category) wins the title of “Copa Maya 2016 Champion”.

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30 jan Belgium wins the European Pastry Cup !

On January 24 the European Pastry Cup took place inGeneva, which pitted a total of eight teams against each other. Finally, the Belgian team, made up of Nicolas Arnaud (sugar) and Mathieu Dierinck (chocolate), won the competition, ahead of Denmark and Sweden, second and third place respectively.

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19 jan BE Delicious Launch with Minister Kris Peeters @ Belga Queen Brussels

BE DELICIOUS – Belgian Food Artisans wants to spread the message around the world about Belgium’s rich culinary culture.

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On Monday, November 2, 2015, Sam Van Houcke, chef of the restaurant 'Onder de Toren' in Hansbeke, won the third edition of the cooking competition ‘The Star of the Belgian Cuisine’. The young chef was assisted by Olivier Saey (Hertog Jan), sommelier Sam Govaert (Entrepôt du Vin) and coach Lieven Lootens (‘t Aards Paradijs). 

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